Saturday, 4 October 2014

Haridwar: an eternal life of the infinite realm

Ganges, a holy river connecting the corporeal and ethereal realms. Where on one hand, hundreds and thousands thrive, going about their day to day life on its banks. Praying for prosperity, calling upon the deities to bless their kin as they embark upon a new journey called life. And on the other hand, death soliciting its last rites, posing as doorway leading to the eternal light, along the Ghats of the same river.

This mystical land we call ‘Haridwar’ literally means “the gateway to lord Shiva”. Shiva, a state of mind, a state of attainment, a passage to what we call divine, is what this land has to offer.

If you are seeking to fulfil a spiritual journey the Haridwar is definitely one of the Best Places to See.

The emerald green hues of the Ganges have a lot to offer, sometimes fiercely cutting its way through the rocks, sometimes gently caressing the sandy river bed, reminiscent of life as we know it.

There are many Hotels in Haridwar near the Ganga river, to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Haveli Hari Ganga is a luxurious haven, with lavishly furnished apartments. The property was built in 1913 and has special packages which offer a private Ghat facility. And if you are one of those who experience joy of simple things in life, there are numerous Dharamshala’s that offer modest rooms at cheap prices.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hotels in Haridwar near Ganga Offer the Most Serne View of the holy River

Are you looking for Hotels in Haridwar near Ganga? The Haveli Hari Ganga is a preferred choice among the leisure travelers from all over the globe. Set up in a cozy space with just 20 luxurious rooms, Haveli Hari Ganga is considered to be one of the Best Hotels In Haridwar. Set amidst the mesmerizing location and a minute from Central Haridwar, the hotel gives easy access to the nearby business hubs and local markets.

Amidst many Hotels in Haridwar near Ganga, Haveli Hari Ganga is a perfect spot for you. You can avail their special offers and enjoy complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner. Small gestures like a basket of fruits and welcome drinks on your arrival set the tone for a comfortable stay ahead. If you are vegetarian and are wary of eating at places outside, this hotel will ease your worries. It has a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant that caters to all the vegetarian patrons from different parts of the world. You can laze around, converse or read a book in its coffee shop and also relax yourself at the spa. The religious part of your soul will also be satisfied when you participate in the Morning havan and Yagya at the Ghat. You might like to pick up souvenirs for your loved ones as you take a rickshaw ride through the vibrant bazaars of Haridwar streets. All this and much more, at such an affordable price!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Avail the Best Hotel booking in Haridwar

Haridwar, one of the seven holiest places to Hindus, is a must visit destination in India. The holy spirit of the people here is unique and their love for God is unexplainable. Every year, this destination experiences more than a million tourists from across the country and abroad. These tourists are invited with a warm welcoming by several Luxury Hotels in Haridwar. Each of these hotels have the most beautiful ambiance and offer hospitality at its best. Hotel booking in Haridwar is very easy and highly affordable. Among all the Luxury hotels in Haridwar, one of the best is The Haveli Hari Ganga. The hotel has the touch of luxury in every corner and offers more than just space and basic amenities to the guests. It includes 20 well appointed air-conditioned rooms and suites, a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant, coffee shop, massage & steam room, facilities for yoga & meditation, private bathing ghat on the Ganges and lot more.

Besides, the associates of the hotel are very courteous and always look forward to fulfil the needs and requests of the guests. If one is looking for a comfortable and memorable stay in Haridwar, then booking a stay at The Haveli Hari Ganga shall be the best decision. The hotel in not only good in offering excellent accommodation but also perfect in ensuring that the guests are well-attended throughout their stay. As a traveller, one always looks for the best Hotel booking in Haridwar, and for all such travelers, The Haveli Hari Ganga is the perfect answer.

Friday, 11 April 2014

The best rates for hotel bookings in Haridwar

To figure out a balance between tranquility and comfort, the best option is to book a stay at hotels in Haridwar. While this can be arranged even on the spur of the moment, a little planning can get you the best deals when making Hotel bookings in Haridwar. Some of these hotels offer their guests heavy discounts on booking online or through credit cards, whereas other hotels offer the convenience of being located on the banks of the Ganga. Besides rooms, bookings can also be made for lodges or guest houses, and these too are available as part of an offer or a deal. Thus a few minutes of browsing on the net can yield a bonanza of goodies, in the way of concessional rates, tariff reductions and even prime locations.

In fact, it is the location that is a concern when making hotel bookings in Haridwar, with those situated along the river bank commanding the highest premium, as they also offer the best view. In addition, the other attractions include the opportunity of joining sunrise yoga sessions or witnessing the fascinating evening aarti on the Ganga. All in all, making hotel bookings in Haridwar are more than just a work to get through. They are a package of golden opportunities for the guest who believes in perfectly arranging his/ her travel itinerary as well as hotel booking, before setting out of the door.

Friday, 7 February 2014

The Haveli Hari Ganga Hotel in Haridwar re-defines opulence with its host of royal services!

The Haveli Hari Ganga Hotel in Haridwar is where modern and contemporary meet culture and history. Standing as a proud example of heritage hotel in India, this inn has won many accolades for its melange of offerings for discerning guests. From the very instant that you enter through the doors, a soothing atmosphere will engage your senses and surround you with kind and exquisite service.

The grand hotel in Haridwar evokes a sense of graciousness while affording panoramic views of the sacred river Ganga and scenic hills. It boasts of 20 beautifully appointed rooms decorated with antique arabesques, regal beds made of stone and matching upholstery offering a marriage of the finest materials. One can take advantage of the utilities proffered in these private spaces such as LCD TVs, hair dryers, Wi-Fi, steam rooms and much more. Further pleasing the guests are additional services such as newspapers, welcome drinks on arrival and two complimentary mineral water bottles every day.

This commendable hotel promises luxurious comfort, sophistication and a level of personal attention that can not only be seen but also felt. In order to make your stay in Haridwar much more gratifying, the resort also serves lip-smacking vegan delights.

Thus, your Stay in Haridwar is sure to transform into an extravagant affair with the immaculate facilities offered at The Haveli Hari Ganga Hotel. What this remarkable lodging brings to you is much more than a comfortable sojourn. So experience the true essence of Haridwar with an infusion of regal treatment at this hotel.